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Adjustable No-Pull Harness for Large Dogs

Adjustable No-Pull Harness for Large Dogs

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Your dog will enjoy his/her walks even more, with this snug harness that doesn't pull against their throat and choke them, just because they couldn't resist the urge to bark at another squirrel. I mean, can you blame 'em? Those things are basically made to be barked at! Anyhow the harness, it's good quality, you'll like it, your dog will like it.

Size Guide

  • S:
    • Neck: 25-45cm
    • Chest: 43-57cm
    • Weight: 8-15kg
  • M:
    • Neck: 43-57cm
    • Chest: 53-69cm
    • Weight: 15.5-25kg
  • L:
    • Neck: 48-63cm
    • Chest: 58-79cm
    • Weight: 25.5-30kg
  • XL:
    • Neck: 55-73cm
    • Chest: 62-92cm
    • Weight: 30.5-40kg
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